Reimagining Foothill-De Anza

Why are we reimagining Foothill-De Anza?

As the country began to emerge from the pandemic in summer 2021, the district recognized the need to anticipate and plan for a new normal. The pandemic had permanently altered the environment in which we do our work and changed student expectations; demographic shifts and a declining high school population in Silicon Valley were having a profound effect on enrollment; and racial reckonings had redoubled the district's commitment to removing systemic inequities and redesigning budgets to ensure dollars are strategically spent to close equity gaps and ensure student success.

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Priority areas

  • Budget Allocation Model
  • District Enrollment Management Committee
  • Business Processes Alignment

Where are we now?

June 2023 update
Reimagining initiative 6-12-23 presentation image
Click HERE to view the June 12, 2023, slideshow presentation to the Board of Trustees
Focus Areas for Academic Year 2023-2024
  • Budget & Resource Allocation
  • Enrollment Management 
  • Business & Services Operations
  • Shared Governance and Labor Relations
  • Campus Services Alignment
April 2023 update
The District Enrollment Management Committee (DEMC) has met several times to review a planning framework that addresses full-time equivalent students (FTES) generation and budget allocations more consistently and equitably districtwide. In preparation for the 2025-26 academic year, when the district will move from hold harmless funding to the Student Centered Funding Formula, DEMC is collaborating with the district fiscal services team to develop a new way to allocate FTEF/1320 resources as we make more accurate FTES projections and set FTES targets. DEMC is also working on developing strategic recommendations and guiding principles regarding FTES growth across the district.

Discovery, identification, and documentation of business processes or operating procedures/policies was identified as a priority to improve the work environment and morale of employees. This documentation is essential to ensure that institutional knowledge is retained even when employees leave the district.

Currently, work to map processes is underway in areas related to Human Resources and Educational Technology Services as well as in a few student services and administrative services areas at both campuses.

February 2023 update
An update on the Reimagining Initiative, which explained the progress based on districtwide conversations, discovery, and resulting identification of priorities and projects, was presented to the Board of Trustees in December 2022, 
The long-awaited (and asked for) District Enrollment Management Committee (DEMC) kicked off its inaugural meeting with a core group of instructional leaders who will be working on developing a planning framework that addresses full-time equivalent students (FTES) generation and budget allocations more consistently and equitably districtwide. DEMC will include more leaders and representatives from across the district in future meetings as the committee delves deeper into developing this planning framework and tackles other districtwide enrollment management issues.
Efforts toward improving business processes in certain district/college functions as identified through districtwide conversations are also ongoing in a few areas in central services and at the colleges via input gathered from employees in those areas.
December 2022 update

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Click HERE to view the Dec. 12, 2022, slideshow presentation to the Board of Trustees



Recognizing that making comprehensive changes to our complex organization would involve much research and analysis and consultation with stakeholders throughout the district, Chancellor's Cabinet enlisted consultant Phil Hill in the summer of 2021 to help develop a framework for reimagining what the colleges might look like in the future. While the district's mission remained unchanged, the strategies for carrying out the mission (i.e. long-range goals and objectives) and the priorities we use to ensure that our time, effort, and other resources (e.g., budgets) are aligned with those strategies needed to be reenvisioned.
At an informational session held September 15, 2021, Chancellor Miner and then-Board President Peter Landsberger invited the Foothill-De Anza community to help envision the colleges of the future. 
Dr. Anu Khanna joined the effort at the end of the 2021-2022 academic year. As senior advisor to the chancellor for reimagining Foothill-De Anza, she was charged with facilitating strategic goals including the development of a new budget allocation model, the establishment of a district-wide enrollment management committee, and the development of an action plan for a reimagined Foothill-De Anza. In late spring 2022, she embarked on a series of listening sessions to collect ideas for improving the student and employee experience.
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Themes that emerged during the listening sessions and initial priorities were shared during District Opening Day on September 21, 2022.
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