Self Study Resources

Districtwide Professional Development Day

Below are links to resources for use by individuals who would like to deepen their understanding of issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion through self-study during the April 16, 2021, districtwide professional development day. The list of resources also is provided for download in a PDF format.

Pre-session questions (PDF format)

Self-study resources (PDF format)

Right at Home

CAN/DID: Standing Against Racism and Injustice Inclusion Series – De Anza College

Strategic Vision For Equity – Foothill College

Dr. Joy DeGruy’s YouTube Channel

LIVE:White America on Trial: Black Family Healing and Self-reparation while we wait...

COVID-19 and Fear - with world renowned clinical industrial psychologist, Dr. Edwin Nichols. 

Inclusive Classroom

Responding to incidents that affect the teaching & learning climate – Cornell University

Inclusive Classroom Climate – Yale

Navigating Difficult Moments In The Classroom – Harvard

Facilitating Difficult Race Discussions: Five Ineffective Strategies And Five Successful Strategies – Columbia University

Managing Difficult Classroom Discussions – Indiana University

Fostering Student Connectedness: Building Relationships in the Classroom – Magna Publications

Five Easy Ways to Connect with Students – Harvard Education

Sense of Belonging in the College Classroom – Ohio State University

Equitable Assignment Design – Indiana University

Creating A Positive Classroom Climate for Diversity – UCLA

College classrooms are still chilly for women, as men speak more, study finds:

Gendered participation has a long way to go to reach equity - Dartmouth

Tips/Tricks for Learning Names

20 Tips for Learning Student Names – Ohio State University

Tips for Learning Students' Names – Carnegie Mellon University

Learning Student Names – Yale

Tomorrow’s Professor: Learning Student Names – Stanford

Workplace Culture

How to Begin Talking About Race in the Workplace - Wharton

Understanding organizational barriers to a more inclusive workplace – McKinsey & Company

15 Tips for Building a More Inclusive Workplace in 2021 –

More Than A Feeling: Measuring Workplace Inclusion – Work Design Magazine 2019

Employee Demographics Don’t Have to Be at Odds with Employees’ Identities – Harvard Business Review

Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning

Awareness of Socioeconomic Diversity

Awareness of Implicit Bias

Diversity Statements

Inclusive Classroom Climate

Inclusive Teaching Strategies

Racial Awareness

By Discipline: