Novel coronavirus

Classes at Foothill and De Anza colleges along with college and district services moved to remote delivery as of March 17, 2020, and remote operations are expected to continue through the end of the 2020-21 academic year. Most offices and facilities are closed, and employees are following the Santa Clara County Public Health Department's order to shelter-in-place and work at home. Visit the websites below for more information. 


State Chancellor Eloy's Oakley reopening memo (June 11, 2021)


The following websites will help you learn more about COVID-19 and stay informed about any new developments as the situation evolves.

California's roadmap to recovery
Update on California's Pandemic Roadmap 

Local health agency updates
California Department of Public Health

Santa Clara County Public Health

College updates and resources

Foothill College
De Anza College

District resources
Educational Technology Services

Human Resources - COVID-19 guidance for employees

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Feb. 7, 2021
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues, 

Since February 3, we have learned that two of our Foothill-De Anza colleagues have tested positive for COVID and three have been exposed while on campus.  Because these individuals were in numerous sites throughout the district, we are taking the following precautions from February 7 through February 15:

  1. The warehouse will be closed. 
  2. No mail will be picked up. 
  3. Various rooms will have signage indicating that they are closed for cleaning. 
  4. ETS will not provide in-person device support. 

Functions that will occur:

  1. Previously approved instructional programs 
  2. Hazardous materials inspection as required by federal law 
  3. Foothill radio station as required by federal law 
  4. Child Development Center 
  5. Payroll 
  6. Accounts payable 
  7. Cleaning by an outside vendor 

We do not anticipate needing to extend the above restrictions beyond February 15 but will notify you should that be the case. 

Let me express my appreciation to those of you who have been on campus and followed the protocols for notifying the police department of your arrival, location, and departure.  You have made it much more likely that we can conduct timely and thorough contact tracing.  Your colleagues and their loved ones thank you. 

If you were on campus without prior permission since February 1, please let Myisha Washington know at  We care about your safety and that of others with whom you may have been in contact. 

We are all anxious to resume in-person activities and we can get there if we continue to wear masks, socially distance, and wash our hands.  Health officials are warning against celebrating the Super Bowl with those outside of your household, and I hope we all comply.  

Stay safe and be well, 


Dec. 1, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues, 

Given the recent Santa Clara County change to Purple Tier due to a surge in COVID cases and expected continued increase in transmission of this virus, especially as we enter the holiday season and colder weather, please keep yourself and others safe by wearing a mask, conducting frequent hand-washing, social/physical distancing, and practicing other preventive measures applicable to your home and work areas. Your health and safety are our utmost concern.  

Please note, if you do get sick, have a positive COVID test, or are exposed to someone who tested positive, please adhere to the following.  

Notifying the District if You Have Symptoms, Have Tested Positive for COVID, or Were Exposed 

Regardless of whether you work on campus or remotely, if you experience COVID-like symptoms, have been exposed to someone who has tested positive, or if you have tested positive, you are required to notify your supervisor or the District Office of Human Resources. Your supervisor will then report your case to the District’s COVID Response Team who will conduct the required follow up.  

In accordance with County guidelines, the District is required to track and report cases, and to conduct contact tracing to assist the county in its role to monitor and respond to the pandemic and prevent transmission of the virus.  

The District Office of Human Resources will contact you to discuss the extent to which your situation is affecting your ability to work, options for continuing pay, if needed, and next steps.  

As with any medical information, please be assured information regarding your health condition is considered confidential and will not be shared except as required or allowed by law or regulation.  

For more complete information on Employee Expectations, please see the full document located on the District Office of Human Resources webpage at  

Revised Campus Visit Schedule and Protocol Reminders 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020 and Wednesday, December 16, 2020 

The District has tomorrow scheduled as a day for non-essential employees to return to campus to retrieve items or gather other resources necessary to continue their work. Please note that in order to return to campus everyone must follow safety protocols, including wearing a mask at all times while on District property, maintaining physical distancing, and observing frequent hand washing/sanitizing.  

In light of the surge in cases and the recent holiday any employee who may have traveled or participated in gatherings with others outside their immediate household should follow the County guidance to observe the required quarantine period (14 days) and postpone their visit to a later date. Further, for employees who are concerned about the number of employees currently scheduled to come on to campus (50+ at each campus), a later visit may be appropriate. As a solution, the District has also scheduled Wednesday, December 16, 2020 (two weeks from tomorrow’s visit date) as an additional opportunity for employees to come onto campus. If you scheduled a visit for December 2 but now have decided not to do so, please follow your site procedures for notifying the appropriate person of your change in plans. 

With appreciation for your cooperation and understanding during these challenging times, 


Nov. 12, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues, 

On September 16, I wrote to you saying we needed to plan on continuing to offer instruction and services remotely through Winter Quarter 21. We are proceeding accordingly and there will be extremely few exceptions to the work-from-home rule during this period, primarily involving allied health programs, child care, police, grounds, custodial, technology, business services, bookstore, library reserves, and facilities staff coming to campus as needed. Students and staff will work onsite on a very limited basis with all safety precautions in place, including utilization of a contact tracing app that we continue to modify as we gain more experience.   

I also indicated that our plans for Spring Quarter 2021 would likely be decided in January, but you and our students need certainty sooner than January.  Our colleagues with responsibilities for scheduling spring classes need direction now as to the possibility and feasibility of expanding on campus instruction.  Given the current surge in COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations, and stays in intensive care, we must stay the course through the end of Spring Quarter 21 and limit programs and services as indicated above.  Santa Clara County is expected to announce increased restrictions next week and I will update you with any changes that would affect our district. 

The Coast Conference met today to poll its 17 colleges as to their plans to opt in or out of competition for Spring 1 and Spring 2 sports as designated by the California Community College Athletic Association.  I attended along with Thuy Nguyen, Lloyd Holmes, Kulwant Singh, and Eric Mendoza.  Colleges that opted in indicated they were doing so if testing costs were affordable.  They still have the choice to opt out at any time they determine they can’t afford testing. 

Foothill-De Anza and others opted out on the basis of health and safety and that there is no assurance that testing will become affordable for our colleges. Waiting to decide would postpone the inevitable.  It is our belief that students are better served by knowing now rather than later.  We are concerned for their safety and that of their families if they are exposed to surges in COVID-19 that are considered likely given cold and flu season and large gatherings over the holidays. We know this is a source of great disappointment but we find the health risk to be even greater.  By the time you read this, California may have already reported its one millionth case of COVID-19. 

The current estimate to test Foothill-De Anza student athletes and employees for Spring 1 and Spring 2 is more than $1.5 million.  This does not include the testing that would be required of game officials and visiting teams whose home counties would not have as strict a set of requirements as Santa Clara County.  In addition, this cost does not include other expenses such as proper cleaning after each event, housing, transportation, etc. 

In light of the current expectations for a mostly virtual Spring 21, we are developing a return-to-campus plan that would provide clear guidance as conditions change and we see opportunities to offer more programs and services on campus.  Because of the enormity and complexity of meeting changing requirements, we have hired Pat James, who currently serves as an OEI professional development instructor, to monitor, update, and document regulations and our compliance.  She will also assist us in communicating processes and decision points so that there is general understanding of who makes what decisions when.  We will also convene a districtwide Return-to-Campus Task Force in January to coordinate work already accomplished at the colleges and Central Services regarding guiding principles, prioritizations, and logistics. Return-to-campus is still a work in progress, but we are committed to investing the time necessary to ensure that when we can return, it will be done with both safety and clarity. 

You may not fully appreciate that you have made us a model district thanks to your dedication, resilience, and empathy. I was interviewed by La Voz this week and the reporter told me that he had talked with an international student about her experience this fall.  She said: “I didn’t feel welcome by America but I felt welcome by De Anza.” I have no doubt this response is emblematic of Foothill-De Anza.  We have our flaws but continually strive to make all our students welcome and successful! 

With deep appreciation, 


Aug. 13, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for all your good work serving nearly 21,000 students during Summer 2020, resulting in an increase of more than 3% full-time equivalent students (FTES) over last year! For the past month, I have delighted in stories from parents and grandparents praising the quality of instruction at Foothill and De Anza and marveling at how much more their loved ones enjoyed their experiences with you in comparison to a number of universities. Bravi, one and all! 

Given that Santa Clara County continues to be on California’s COVID watch list, the colleges and district offices will remain closed through January 3, 2021. ­This means we will continue offering services remotely. There will be extremely few exceptions to the work-from-home rule during this period, primarily involving police, grounds, custodial, technology, business services, bookstore, and facilities staff who will work onsite on a very limited basis with all safety precautions in place. Please join me in thanking all our colleagues who provide these services that are so critical to the continuity of our educational mission.

The decision to continue remote operations is driven by our desire to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff. The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department has not yet cleared colleges and universities to reopen, and the attached graph leads us to proceed with an abundance of caution.

dashboard of COVI cases Aug2020

I am including the link to California’s recently issued COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Higher Education Institutions so that you have the most current guidelines under which we are operating. 

 Striking a balance between the need for employee flexibility and services for students, the campuses will operate on a five-day schedule for Fall 2020, with the option for departments to continue a four-day schedule based on approval from their administrator. Central Services departments will continue to operate on a four-day schedule, with the option to revert to a five-day schedule based on approval from their vice chancellor. Please be sure that your days and hours of service are readily found and clearly communicated.

 Foothill and De Anza are currently permitted to offer limited onsite instruction in allied health for Fall 2020.  When the fall schedules were developed to include hybrid classes beyond allied health, we could never have imagined that the state would still be in early Stage 2 of California’s reopening plan. Unfortunately, this means that classes planned with some in-person meetings must now be fully online. We are planning a virtual program for district and college opening days and are looking forward to these activities given the success of the recent year-end celebrations; you truly exceeded expectations! Watch for more on opening day plans soon. 

 If you have additional needs related to working remotely, please speak with your manager. We will do our best to accommodate you and continue to schedule periodic opportunities to return to your worksite for essential equipment and supplies. Many, many thanks for the dedication and resilience you have demonstrated over the past five months. These are challenging times like no other and, as always, you have risen to the occasion. The tradition of undaunted persistence at Foothill-De Anza lives on! 

 I very much miss being with all of you in person and hope to continue seeing you during my open office hours on Zoom so we can stay connected, celebrate our successes, and share ideas about the future. 

Wishing you and yours good health,

July 30, 2020
Message from Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees,

Dear Colleagues, 

We have three more employees who have tested positive for COVID-19, including the employee with some symptoms who was mentioned in my update to you on July 21.  Two additional employees have been tested and are awaiting results.  One individual has not been on campus since March and four individuals accessed the following locations between July 15-22: 


LCW 124
LCW restroom
De Anza Soccer Field
Kirsch Center   


Corp Yard
PE Women's Locker Rooms
Police Department

All areas have been cleaned at least once since July 22.  


For those who may have been concerned to see some colleagues on campus without a mask, please be assured that all employees have received COVID training regarding face covering and social distancing.  There are several reasons why some team members might remove their face coverings, including:  

1.   The team member is performing work alone, outside (common for the grounds team or construction crew when not generating a lot of dust or debris in the air);  

2.   The team member is unable to properly communicate safety concerns through the face covering – maintaining social distancing and having brief conversations without a face covering is acceptable if it is ensuring the safety of the team members performing work;  

3.   The team member needs to remove the face covering for a brief time to hydrate, eat, or for comfort (during lunch or breaks, or if they are unable to breath properly and require a moment without the face covering) – they have been instructed to do this when they are by themselves/away from others; 

4.   The team member needs to change out from a face covering to an actual mask that is intended for construction activity safety. 

 Please join me in thanking Danny Acosta, Susan Cheu, Dorene Novotny, and Myisha Washington for carrying out so many tasks behind the scenes on behalf of safety protocols and timely reporting.  Also, join me in sending good wishes to our colleagues for a speedy return to health. 

 Be well, 

July 2
1, 2020

Message from Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees.

Dear Colleagues,

 I would like to inform you of a new instance of COVID-19 at Foothill College and an update on the earlier instance at the Foothill Dental Clinic.

The District was notified Sunday that a volunteer disc jockey at KFJC Radio Station on the Foothill College campus tested positive for COVID-19. The volunteer last worked on July 3 and experienced symptoms on July 8. The disc jockey reported that they were tested on July 13 and received a positive COVID-19 result on Saturday, July 18. The individual noted that they were probably infected at their place of employment and that they were faring well despite the flu-like symptoms.

All personnel working at the radio station have been notified and no one else has reported COVID-19 symptoms. Per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance, as the disc jockey has not been on campus since July 3, we feel there is a minimal chance that any other volunteer at the radio station is likely to have contracted COVID-19 from the affected individual. We are asking the radio station volunteers to continue to self-monitor as a precaution.

KFJC staff follow the CDC and Santa Clara County Public Health guidelines, which include maintaining safe social distancing, wearing facial coverings/masks, and performing self-checking for COVID-19 symptoms (fever, cough, and shortness of breath) before coming onto campus.  All personnel working at the station perform a gel-in and gel-out routine using an approved hand sanitizer.

The radio station has one person working at a time.  Disc jockeys only briefly encounter one another during a change in shifts. Each disc jockey cleans all radio station surfaces at the beginning and end of each shift; there are typically five to six shifts per day.  A deeper cleaning of all station surfaces (including the bathroom) is performed twice a week by station personnel.

The KFJC Radio Station is an essential program: it has to maintain the Emergency Alert System (EAS) for the South Bay, provide the community with COVID-19 alerts, and meet FCC requirements for continuous broadcasting as a public service. Given the importance of KFJC for the local community and the station’s careful adherence to all required COVID-19 protocols, we support uninterrupted operation of the station.

Foothill Dental Clinic

Both the student and faculty member who were possibly exposed to the patient who tested positive for COVID-19 a few days after the appointment in the clinic on July 6th have tested negative.  While we are grateful to hear that news, we are concerned for the custodian who cleaned the restrooms for 5200 and has developed symptoms of a runny nose and cough. The individual has been tested for COVID-19 and will remain at home until the results are received.  I know we all wish our colleague well.

Please continue to follow CDC guidance: we care about you and your loved ones.


July 13, 2020

Message from Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

The district was notified yesterday that a dental patient at the Foothill College Dental Clinic reported testing positive for COVID-19. The patient was treated in the clinic on July 6 and reported the diagnosis to us during a follow-up phone call on July 12.

Following protocol, the clinic screened the patient 24 hours prior to the appointment, then again on the morning of the visit, and the patient reported no exposure or symptoms. We now know that the patient went to the emergency room on July 9 after experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

The faculty member and student who treated the patient are self-isolating until July 20 and will not return to campus until they have been tested and confirmed negative for COVID-19. No other faculty or students have reported symptoms and, in keeping with the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will closely monitor their health for 14 days.

 Dental clinic faculty and staff were notified about the patient’s reported COVID-19 diagnosis yesterday and students were informed this morning.  All expressed a desire to continue clinical instruction.

 The students, faculty, and staff in the Dental Hygiene Program follow a strict routine to ensure that the clinic is as safe as possible. They are equipped with complete personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 masks, gloves, gowns, goggles, and shoe and hair coverings. The program adheres to the protocols of the CDCAmerican Dental Associationand California Dental Association, including steps to take in response to potential COVID-19 exposure.

 The dental clinic is deep-cleaned daily, including fogging with hypochlorous acid twice a day after each clinic session. All surfaces are covered with plastic, which is removed and replaced after each patient. Only eight of 18 stations are in use and each station is separated by plexiglass.

 The clinic remains open as the students require clinical training for degree completion and to sit for their state examinations. Dental hygiene is one of the few programs being allowed to use campus facilities on a limited basis where hands-on experience is required for licensure of these essential workers. 

I have the utmost confidence in the responsible behavior of the students, faculty, and staff in the Dental Hygiene Program.  They were accustomed to rigorous protocols prior to the pandemic and have adapted readily to additional requirements.  We will continue to support them as they pursue their studies meeting the highest standards of excellence and safety.

Be well,

July 2, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

We've received several questions related to the districtwide email I sent this weekend notifying you that an employee was confirmed to have COVID-19.

Here are answers to some of those questions:


  • The district continues communicating with the Santa Clara County Health Department.
  • HR has contacted employees who could have been exposed as a result of the employee's illness, and they are currently in self-quarantine/isolation for a 14-day period. If you have not been contacted by HR, then you have not been identified as at-risk.
  • Deep cleaning will be taking place as needed in the locations at Foothill and De Anza where the employee had spent time, and signs have been posted on all affected buildings. The new district office building was not affected.
Employees may contact Myisha Washington in HR with additional questions or refer to HR's webpage for COVID-19 related resources:

Wishing you and yours a safe holiday weekend,

June 27, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

Today we had confirmation of our first Foothill-De Anza employee with COVID-19.  We have daily logs of meetings and buildings where the individual had been and can report that the buildings were at both Foothill and De Anza.  We are immediately taking steps to ensure the safety of our students and employees and ask for your cooperation with the following:




We do not yet know the total impact on staff due to quarantining and sanitization so we ask for your patience as we prioritize public health over other considerations.

Be well,

June 18, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

Working together, we are successfully completing a truly unprecedented spring quarter and continue to navigate through one of the most tumultuous times ever. Thank you for everything you have done to help us move forward and let your loved ones know that we appreciate their support of you as this is definitely an extended family effort!

To help you plan, I want you to know that the colleges and district offices will remain closed at least through Labor Day, Sept. 7. ­This means we will continue working from home and that summer instruction and student services will continue remotely, as previously announced.

There will be extremely few exceptions to the work-from-home rule during this period, primarily involving police, grounds, custodial, and facilities staff who will work onsite on a very limited basis after training and with all safety precautions in place.

The decision to continue remote operations is driven by our desire to protect the health of students, faculty, and staff, particularly given the continuing lack of adequate availability of supplies and equipment needed for maximum safety. Santa Clara County Public Health has not yet cleared colleges and universities to re-open, and in California and across the nation, we are seeing resurgences in COVID-19 infections after re-opening.

I know that people also are eager to have answers about the possibility of onsite classes and services for the fall, and we are working on that. We do not currently have all the information we need to tell you with certainty the extent to which we can safely reopen at that time. To be prepared for the possible continuation of remote work, we are planning a virtual program for district and college opening days that could be modified if circumstances warrant.

Fortunately, your creativity, persistence, and teamwork during this transition have shown that we can get our work done remotely.  People are working diligently and productively. With the opportunity to connect through Zoom and other online platforms, communication is probably at an all-time high, and that is a wonderful development that contributes to our success.

If you have additional needs to continue working remotely, please speak with your manager. We will do our best to accommodate you and will continue to schedule periodic opportunities to return to your worksite for essential equipment and supplies.

I am deeply grateful for all you have done and continue to do in support of student success.

As I write this, there is breaking news that the Supreme Court of the United States has blocked the attempts to end DACA.  This follows the equally good news from the court on Monday that LGBTQ Americans are protected under the Civil Rights Act.  May these decisions be a source of increased vigor and determination to prove that Black Lives Matter.

In solidarity,



May 29, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

While we hoped to have some return to the campuses in during June, the district will remain closed until at least June 30.  Any return in July will need to be staged and coordinated to comply with the Santa Clara County Department of Health requirements and mandates, and will not be able to include all employees.  We want to take all steps necessary to ensure a safe, healthy environment for everyone. 
Please do not go to campus on June 1 but continue remote work until we can offer further guidance.
Stay well, stay safe, stay home,

May 4, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues, 

I want to confirm that we are continuing to observe the statewide shelter-in-place directive through May 31, 2020, and there is no lifting of our own districtwide restrictions at this time. 

Next week, I will announce the colleges’ plan for instructional delivery for Fall 2020 and can share some initial thinking about the many considerations that we must address in a return-to-campus plan.  The safety of you, our students, and larger community continues to be the driving force in our decision making. We deeply appreciate all that you have been doing and enduring to respond to this unprecedented public health crisis. 

Stay safe, stay well, stay home, 


April 16, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Dear Colleagues,

This afternoon I met with leaders of our bargaining units, Classified Senates, Academic Senates, colleges’ senior staffs, and Chancellor’s Cabinet.  (Our student body presidents were invited but couldn’t attend.)  I convened the group to seek their reactions to our current thinking about Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 class schedules and offered these two proposals: 

1.     Shall we schedule Summer 2020 classes totally online with the exception of allied health programs such as nursing, radiologic technology, respiratory therapy, and EMT/paramedic?

2.     Shall we schedule Fall 2020 classes online or hybrid in preparation for the possibility of a return to shelter-in-place during fall?

For Summer 2020, there was great appreciation for the urgency to establish a schedule in the midst of many unknowns including whether or not the shelter-in-place order would be lifted for all and how quickly could we sanitize our facilities for face-to-face instruction. Given the overwhelming agreement that we continue with online instruction for summer (Number 1 above), the colleges will now plan accordingly.

For Fall 2020, there was a great deal of discussion about the even greater number of unknowns in comparison to Summer 2020.  A clear consensus emerged that more time and thought are needed to consider a wider range of approaches than represented by hybrid or fully online (Number 2 above).  In response, I have asked the colleges to schedule additional discussion and consultation.  I did not specify a deadline for a recommendation from the college presidents during today’s discussion, but would like to have one in early May.

Let me conclude by thanking the 33 leaders who attended today’s meeting and helped inform next steps in a very substantial way.  The collective wisdom of Foothill-De Anza is truly one of our greatest assets!

Stay safe, stay well, stay home, 



March 31, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees
With today's notice that six counties in our region are extending the shelter-in-place until May 1, we hope that you are taking every precaution to protect yourself and your loved ones. We will continue to work remotely with very few individuals allowed on campus and only for approved activities deemed to be essential by our Chief of Police in consultation with relevant senior staff.
While this is disappointing news, I want to thank everyone for the tremendous effort that is going into preparing our virtual campuses for the more than 24,000 students who are already registered for Spring 2020 as of this morning.  During my open office hour at 11am on April 1, I promise there will be no April Fool's pranks but heartwarming reports of the generosity that distinguishes our community.
Sending good thoughts to you and yours,


March 18, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Thank you to all of our faculty and instructional support colleagues for successfully moving our current instruction to a remote format with such short notice. You are truly remarkable!

In light of recent comments by Governor Newsom and Chancellor Oakley, we agree with the current suggestion of both the Faculty Association and our senior instructional administrators that our remote instruction should continue through the remainder of this academic year. Because there are unique challenges for our activity courses and those requiring in-person demonstrations and assessments, such as our allied health programs, we will engage in further dialogue to address exceptions to the expectation that courses will be taught remotely.

The Faculty Association and District also agree there are a number of details regarding training and support that have yet to be determined for us to successfully serve our students in the coming months.  Notwithstanding plans in progress, we felt the urgency to alert students and faculty immediately that they can count on the continuity of remote instruction through June 26. We hope this announcement might even help more students to see our colleges as excellent options to begin or complete their educational goals.

Since we don’t know what might be desirable or even possible for non-instructional work locations following the current “shelter in place” directive, all administrators and classified staff should continue under the current Remote Work Guidelines for the time being. Additional information and clarification will be forthcoming as we assess and modify our current processes as may be necessary. 
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we respond as quickly and responsibly as we can to the most volatile environment ever.  
With good thoughts for you and yours,


March 16, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Following the order put into place today in six Bay Area counties, we are directing Foothill-De Anza employees to shelter at their place of residence starting at 12:01 a.m. March 17.  This immediate transition to working remotely accelerates the plan we began to implement last week. 

Santa Clara County’s order allows individuals to leave their homes to perform work or services for “essential businesses” including colleges, so a very limited number of employees will have occasional access to district facilities for work that is deemed essential and which cannot be done at a distance. Those cases will be determined in consultation between employees and their managers at the colleges and Central Services.  Your manager will identify the work you can do from home because we strive to support teaching and learning and to maintain district operations as seamlessly as possible. For safety and energy savings, a number of buildings will be locked down as has already occurred at the Sunnyvale Center.  Our buildings may be closed, but we are open!

The shelter-in-place order from Santa Clara County is in effect until 11:59 p.m. on April 7, 2020, or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended by the county’s public health officer. Please be sure to monitor health orders in your home county as there may be variations in specific directions. 

Information will be coming shortly from the district Office of Human Resources to answer questions about pay and other issues during the period of sheltering in place. 

My heartfelt thanks to everyone whose organization, collaboration, and dedication have allowed us to comply with a major directive with only 11 hours notice!

Be well,

March 14, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

In light of so many additional developments in the COVID-19 situation, I just wanted to take a moment to assure you that district leadership is continually discussing how to address emerging issues.  School closures, municipal restrictions, and emergency declarations are just a few of the many factors that affect how we operate and how our students and employees navigate both personal and professional lives.

During the week of March 16, we will provide more guidance regarding remote work and how more employees can be assisted through so much rapid change.  While we have been focusing on instructional delivery, we want to examine ways our support and administrative work might also transition to remote delivery to the greatest extent possible.  We look forward to consulting with our classified and administrator colleagues as we juggle multiple concerns on behalf of students and employees.  Our guiding principle is mitigating the spread of the virus.

Our Board of Trustees is also looking at ways to hold meetings while implementing social distancing now that the Governor has declared waivers of certain provisions of the Brown Act.  We will hold an emergency board meeting in the near future to adopt a resolution that allows us to take advantage of any federal or state funding that may be available during this crisis.

Thanks to all of you who have been sharing recommendations for ways to engage students and each other during this challenging time.  One faculty member shared that he will be using the portal to send encouraging messages to his students and suggested we might even have a “studenthood” week to coincide with our professional development week of April 6. 

As the days ahead are filled with uncertainty, I encourage us all to think about the current situation as not just a public health crisis but a stressor on our humanity.  Let’s be intentional about compassion and patience even though it can be very hard right now.  We will never achieve perfection but we can do exceptionally well with everyone’s help!

Virtual hugs,

March 13, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Thanks to an outstanding recommendation from our Faculty Association, Foothill Academic Senate, De Anza Academic Senate, and District Academic Senate, the week of April 6 will be dedicated to professional development for faculty and classified professionals, and April 13 will be the start of Spring Quarter classes.  The end date for the term remains unchanged.
The addition of a professional development week means more time to access the wealth of web resources to learn about the technological tools available for teaching, learning, and working remotely. As our district reduces face-to-face interactions to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, some of you will be asked to work in new ways and possibly take on some new tasks. Many of you may be working virtually for the first time and we want to assist in building the professional skills that will ease these transitions to alternative modes of delivering instruction and services.  Thank you in advance for creating a safer environment for our students and each other!
Information about professional development offerings for the week of April 6 will be coming from the colleges and Central Services shortly. For the time being, if you are interested in some of what’s already available, here are two websites you will want to know about:

District Technology – Educational Technology Services
CVC-Online Education Initiative – CVC-Online Education Initiative


Many thanks to everyone who has offered suggestions and dedicated time and energy to ensure continuity of instruction and services: union representatives, Academic and Classified Senates, administrators and supervisors, Chancellor’s Advisory Council, and students!  Stay tuned for updates during the week of March 16.

March 11, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner, Foothill College President Thuy Nguyen and De Anza College Interim President Christina Espinosa-Pieb to all employees

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we carefully plan our responses to the ever-changing COVID-19 outbreak. The needs of our students and employees are always at the center of our decision-making, and we have taken the time to balance issues of safety with the need for continuity of instruction. Foothill, De Anza, and Central Services will continue to remain open, but the colleges will move from face-to-face instruction that is lecture only to alternative methods starting on Monday, March 16.  The colleges will send information to students regarding the ways in which they may complete their classes for this quarter without coming to campus. 

We will continue with alternate methods for the last two weeks of the current quarter, March 16-27, and into the start of the spring quarter, which begins April 6. Being on the quarter system may actually allow students a more seamless transition from face-to-face to alternate instructional methods. 

Moving to remote instructional modalities for lecture-only classes is consistent with the advice of the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office and the County of Santa Clara Department of Public Health, which both confirmed in calls today that they have no particular recommendations but leave this decision to the district at this time. We are fortunate that as of today, March 11, there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 at either campus, the Sunnyvale Center, or in Central Services. 

The details of how we proceed operationally will largely be determined at the colleges, so please direct your questions to your immediate supervisor. Faculty at off-campus apprenticeship sites should check with the local supervisor to determine what is being done at that location. The colleges have been planning diligently for this transition over several weeks and are working hard to expand support systems for faculty and students who may need assistance with teaching and learning online. 

There is no single one-size-fits-all solution for alternative methods of instruction, and we will all do our best to tailor individual solutions to the specific needs of students and faculty. To finish out the quarter, alternative methods will be put into action for instruction and interaction with students, including online, email, and Zoom, or some other combination of creative approaches. As you know, Foothill-De Anza has one of the most extensive offerings of online instruction in California, and many of our students and faculty are quite familiar with this mode of instruction.

As is being done at UC Berkeley, there will be some number of activity, studio, and laboratory classes in which instructors and students may choose to continue face-to-face to finish the quarter. In those cases, we urge instructors to be highly responsive to the needs and concerns of students and students to talk with their instructors about  concerns and needs they may have.  We also encourage faculty who have their own concerns to speak with their dean. 

Since this is not a closure, most classified professionals won’t experience any disruption in work at this time. However, it is likely that some classified professionals and non-instructional faculty may have their work modified by the move away from face-to-face instruction, for example, in instructional support and counseling services. In that case, the colleges will provide detailed guidance regarding any adjustment to duties that might be needed. The district Office of Human Resources has provided some guidance here. 

Making these changes is an enormously complex undertaking, but we are confident that we will have a successful transition as the district and colleges have been planning intensively for this. We have been working closely with faculty leaders, and we deeply appreciate their flexibility, ingenuity, and support in tackling this unprecedented challenge. We especially want to express our thanks to the large number of faculty who already prepared for the transition to alternative methods and are assisting colleagues who have less experience. 

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves, and thank you for your patience and support during an extremely challenging time. We especially appreciate your encouragement to allow for adequate time to plan for a successful transition to alternate methods while simultaneously preserving continuity of instruction for students

March 11, 2020

Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Because more colleges are moving from face to face to online instruction, we are aware of increased interest that Foothill-De Anza follow suit. At 8:30 this morning, I spoke with a representative of the Santa Clara County Public Health Department regarding directives to educational institutions. They are making no specific recommendations other than institutions should "keep students safe."

For more than a week, we have had numerous meetings to plan for a successful transition from face to face to alternate methods of instruction for both the end of Winter Quarter and the start of Spring Quarter. Following a statewide conference call with the state Chancellor's Office this afternoon, we will be better prepared to provide detailed guidance on our next steps. Thank you for your patience and we regret that we have been unable to personally answer the many emails from students who have asked us to close operations immediately.  We are listening to everyone's concerns and are working diligently to meet these unprecedented challenges in a thoughtful and sensitive fashion.


March 10, 2020
Message from district Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees

Because the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department has advised employers to suspend non-essential employee travel, we are asking that any such travel funded by the district be canceled through April 30, 2020. As we see how the novel coronavirus evolves, or if the county health department changes its recommendations, we will reassess. Individuals who believe they have extenuating circumstances AND they wish to travel, should consult with their immediate supervisor. 

March 9, 2020
Message from Chancellor Judy Miner to all employees  

A great deal of work has taken place at the district and college levels to prepare for a variety of scenarios that could possibly challenge the continuity of instruction and services resulting from the spread of COVID-19 (novel cornonavirus). 

I know some of you are wondering how to respond to questions from students, members of the public or colleagues when there is so much uncertainty about what will happen next. I hope this email will address some of your most pressing concerns, both immediate and for the longer term. Here in a nutshell is what we can say at this point: 

For now, the district and colleges remain open, but that may change. We are following the guidance of the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department, whose recommendations we monitor throughout the day. We have taken additional action to sanitize high traffic areas and encourage flexibility in accommodating the needs of employees and students, particularly those in higher risk categories. Our top priorities are the safety of our community and continuing service and support for our students and employees. Please follow all the recommended preventive measures to protect yourself and others. The district and the colleges will keep you informed about any changes in plans related to district and/or college operations. 

The district Office of Human Resources is preparing detailed guidance that covers a wide variety of employee situations and needs. This will be distributed within the next day. A web page for posting district COVID-19 updates and information will be activated later today and can be accessed from the district homepage at

Questions relating to students should be directed to the colleges. 


Last week, I convened groups from the colleges and Central Services to identify potential implications of COVID-19 on our operations, and we discussed the following issues:

  • Ensuring that payroll processing can continue uninterrupted.

  • Adding resources to increase the frequency and ongoing sanitization of high-traffic surfaces and areas on the campuses, including dining facilities, door handles, athletic and rental facilities, classrooms, and labs.

  • Identifying essential personnel in the event of a shutdown.

  • Finding clinical training alternatives for nursing and allied health students displaced from hospitals.

  • Communicating with educational partners who deliver our courses on their campus.

  • Allowing flexibility on travel reimbursement when conferences are cancelled.

  • Addressing the full spectrum of student needs and concerns, including those of our most vulnerable student populations.

  • Planning for multiple alternate methods of delivering instruction electronically in the event of closures and offering training for faculty, students, and staff in their use.

  • Addressing attendance accounting and contractual issues that may arise.

  • Identifying communication channels that can be used to maintain a sense of community cohesiveness.

  • Reinforcing the importance of combatting discrimination. 

Preparing for closure & interruptions

At my request, Vice Chancellor Dorene Novotny initiated a process for identifying critical issues and options for ensuring educational continuity for our students should closures become necessary. Campus representatives worked together at meetings last Thursday and Friday to develop a planning blueprint for addressing such issues as how to keep delivering course content, assignment and exams; determining grades; communicating with students; managing instances of student illness, quarantines and absences; and much more. The blueprint also lays out which kinds of decisions should be made by the faculty, the colleges or the district. 

Counties throughout California are closely monitoring the speed and extent of the virus’ spread and may at some point recommend closures or other actions that would interrupt business as usual. We will follow the advice of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that any closure of our colleges or district offices would be done in consultation with the county health department. 

Working with colleagues from the California Virtual Campus-Online Education Initiative (CVC-OEI), the colleges are developing specific strategies for instructional continuity, including leveraging our technology infrastructure for alternative delivery options and providing support for instructors who currently teach exclusively face to face. Expanded training opportunities will be available for using tools such as Zoom and Canvas to continue instruction and communication with students during a temporary period of interruption or closure. Additionally, a variety of online student services will continue to be available including tutoring, counseling, and degree audit. 

Accommodations for students with disabilities is a work in progress and a high priority for resolution.


Flexibility in attendance & other matters

These times require flexibility, care and consideration from everyone. Our expectation is that supervisors and administrators will be flexible if an employee becomes ill with COVID-19 or needs to take care of a family member who has been diagnosed with the virus. Employees in these situations absolutely should stay home until cleared by a doctor to return to work or until they have met the conditions for return set by our county health officials and the CDC. Obtaining medical certification to return may not be feasible if direct care needs outpace the capacity of providers. In that case, we will make decisions in accordance with the guidelines established by public health officials.

You will soon receive additional information on leaves and related employee issues that might occur during a disruption of services or in the event of illness or exposure. Leaders in the district Office of Human Resources are collaborating with union and meet-and-confer employee representatives to determine responses to possible scenarios in the context of contractual obligations and recommendations of the CDC and the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department.  Please direct questions or concerns to Vice Chancellor Dorene Novotny or Myisha Washington, district director of human resources, or directly to your union representative.

Supervisors and administrators are encouraged to review their operations and develop contingency plan options for remote work assignments, alternate schedules or possible telecommuting in the event such measures become necessary or recommended by county public health officials. Such measures may be required in order to continue the delivery of services to our students during a disruption.

I also strongly encourage instructors to consider flexibility with student attendance and participation without sacrificing academic standards. We have heard that some students are attending classes while ill because they do not want to lose participation points or exceed the allowable number of absences.  Some faculty have solved this problem by using Zoom and even email to substitute for physical presence.  We look forward to learning more about other strategies that have been used.

Keeping surroundings clean

Following public health advise, we are increasing and intensifying cleaning. I have been assured that the cleaning products already in use by our custodial staff are the best available for disinfecting surfaces, and we are working on increasing the frequency of cleaning in high traffic, high need areas such as classrooms, athletics areas, eating areas, computer labs and restrooms. The campuses also have ordered additional supplies for general use and will continue to make those available as needed. Custodians already are performing additional sanitation measures including frequent, repeated cleaning of desktops and other instructional surfaces. In addition, the district is securing additional staffing to help with cleaning and sanitation.

Large gatherings

We are currently following the guidelines issued March 5 by Santa Clara County public health officials about cancelling or postponing “mass gatherings” and large community events. In a further clarification, the county suggested weighing four factors when deciding whether to postpone or cancel:

  • The number of people attending the event – fewer than 100 (small), 100 to 999 (medium sized) and 1,000 or more (large).

  • The extent to which the nature and set up of the event would enable participants to maintain “'social distance” of three to six feet.

  • The duration – a one-hour event is significantly less risky than one that lasts for a half- or full-day.

  • The extent to which the participants are at higher risk of becoming severely ill, for example, a class for college students versus a class specifically aimed at older adults.

The county recommends making decisions about whether to hold events on a rolling 30-day basis, applying the public health department’s most current recommendations.


There have been some reports of discriminatory behavior based on false assumptions linking race, ethnicity, or national origin to the spread of the virus. To be clear, such assumptions are false and should be promptly addressed and not allowed to perpetuate. I am proud of our districtwide commitment to an inclusive and welcoming environment and urge everyone to help us live that commitment. Should you experience or observe discrimination and are not comfortable addressing the matter directly, please report it to your supervisor, your campus Title IX/Title 5 representative, or the district Office of Human Resources for follow up. 

Travel restrictions and recommendations
For now, the district will not approve or fund new requests for travel to countries that the CDC recommends for suspension of all nonessential travel. Currently, that includes China, Iran, South Korea, and Italy, and older adults and people with chronic health conditions are advised to avoid travel to Japan. If you have work-related travel already planned for one of these areas, please discuss issues of reimbursement and safety with your supervisor. 

Diagnosis of COVID-19

The CDC advises people who are sick to call ahead to a healthcare provider if you develop a fever and symptoms of respiratory illness, such as cough or difficulty breathing, and have been in close contact with a person known to have COVID-19, or if you live in or have recently traveled to an area with ongoing spread. Your healthcare professional will work with the public health department and CDC to determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19. 

The colleges are each preparing information about how to refer or report a student or coworker with COVID-19-type symptoms and will distribute them separately. In the meantime, if you have or know of a situation involving possible symptoms, please report your concerns directly to your supervisor for review and follow-up. 

Staying informed
The following websites will help you learn more about COVID-19 and stay informed about any new developments as the situation evolves.

State and federal health agencies
California Department of Public Health
U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 

Other health agencies
Santa Clara County Public Health
Santa Clara County Public Health Facebook
San Mateo County Health
San Benito County Health & Human Services Agency
Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency
Alameda County Public Health
San Francisco Department of Public
World Health Organization 

College websites
Foothill College
De Anza College
California Community Colleges 

Teaching & learning resources 
CVC-Online Education InitiativeWhile this new strain of coronavirus has a high transmission rate, most people will recover from it. According to county health department estimates, 80% of the people infected by COVID-19 will experience only mild illness.

However, older individuals and people with underlying health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease, chronic lung diseases like COPD, or weakened immune systems are at greater risk for serious illness if they contract the virus. Some of you may be surprised to know that this “older” caution applies to individuals over age 50 years of age, who are considered at higher risk for serious illness. Risk increases with age, with persons over age 80 in the highest risk category. According to the CDC, pregnant women experience immunologic and physiologic changes that might make them more susceptible to viral respiratory infections, including COVID-19. 

I know that the onslaught of news and information about COVID-19 can feel overwhelming and create fear and anxiety. I urge you to focus on what you can do to protect yourself and others from infection and to treat each other with care and kindness.  Also, please remember that we have a good resource for difficult times in the district’s Employee Assistance Program

With sincere appreciation for the privilege of working with you,