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About our collections


The Foothill-De Anza Community College District (FHDA) Archive is the principal repository for the district administration and its two colleges, preserving non-current records and historical information documenting the campuses, its people, its administration and its culture.

Holdings include college publications such as campus directories and general catalogs, the schedule of classes, Foothill and De Anza colleges student newspapers, long-range development plans, and participatory governance documentation. 

The collection includes photographs, maps, and architectural drawings documenting the historical development, culture and social environment of Foothill-De Anza and its two colleges. 

For a complete description of what the FHDA Archive collects, please see our Collection Policy.


Transferring or Donating to the FHDA Archive

Foothill-De Anza administrative departments and academic units may transfer material to the Archives when the records are appropriate for permanent retention and when the records are deemed inactive. A Request for Transfer of Records must be filled out by the Office of Record. Please contact the Archivist or their designee at for questions or assistance.

Material documenting the history of Campus’ social and cultural life is of interest to the FHDA Archive. Please contact the Archivist or their designee regarding donating historically valuable material.

Once transferred to the Archive, the records are the responsibility of the FHDA Archivist or their designee. If the published retention schedule of a record is “permanent,” the FHDA Archivist does not have the option to dispose of the record and must ensure that it is retained permanently. If however, a record sent to the Archives does not have a permanent retention period, the FHDA Archivist or their designee may dispose of it at any time, in any manner that is deemed appropriate to the particular record.