Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC)

Energy and Sustainability ADVISORY COMMITTEE (ESAC)


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Committee Membership


To share timely, relevant, and accurate local and state energy and sustainability information with constituency representatives in order to provide a forum for participation in defining opportunities to promote environmental sustainability.


The Energy and Sustainability Advisory Committee (ESAC) is an advisory body. The role and responsibilities of the ESAC include:

  • Review and make recommendations to promote environmental sustainability
  • Review and make recommendations on energy and emissions resources
  • Look outward/forward on strategic planning to promote environmental sustainability
  • Communicate and disseminate reports and updates to respective constituency groups and the community through Board of Trustees meetings
Executive Director, Facilities and Operations, Chair
Foothill Administration, Representative
De Anza Administration, Representative
Foothill Faculty Member, Representative
De Anza Faculty Member, Representative
Foothill Student Representative
De Anza Student Representative
Foothill Classified Representative
De Anza Classified Representative
Central Services Classified Representative
Director, Capital Construction Program (Resource)