District Diversity And Equity Advisory Committee

District Diversity and Equity Advisory Committee

Agendas and meeting minutes


Title 5, Section 53305 - Advisory Committee "Each community college district shall establish an Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee to assist the district in developing and implementing the plan required under section 53003. This advisory committee shall include a diverse membership whenever possible."

In addition to implementing the Equal Employment Opportunity plan for the District, the District Diversity Advisory Committee is responsible for developing, implementing and coordinating district-wide diversity training, plans and activies consistent with the Diversity Vision Statement. The District Diversity Advisory Committee receives reports from both the De Anza Diversity Advisory Committee and the Foothill Diversity Advisory Committee.

The Committee disburses the Equal Employment Opportunity fund allocation, implements appropriate sections of the State Chancellor's Equity and Diversity Task Force Report and completes required reports.

Director of Equity and Employee Relations, Chair
Central Services (Two members)
Faculty Association (One member)
Association of Classified Employees (One member)
Teamsters (One member)
Classified School Employees Association (One member)
Foothill College
--Student (One member)
--Faculty Equity Tri-chair (One member)
--Classified Senate Equity Tri-chair (One member)
--Administrator Equity Tri-chair (One member)
--Academic Senate (One member)
--Part-time faculty (One member)
De Anza College
--Student (One member)
--Faculty (One member)
--Classified Senate (One member)
--Administrator (One member)
--Academic Senate (One member)
--Part-time faculty representative (One member)