Shared Governance Process

district mission statement


Board of Trustees

The Foothill-De Anza Community College District is governed by a locally elected, five-member board.

7/11/16 Approval - Minutes

6/13/16 First reading - Minutes 

Chancellor's Advisory Council

The Chancellor's Advisory Council (CAC) is the primary district-wide, participatory governance leadership team that advises the chancellor on institutional planning, budgeting, and governance policies and procedures affecting the educational programs and services of the Foothill-De Anza Community College District. 

4/15/16 Update 

2/19/16 Review 

1/15/16 Review 

11/13/15 Review 

10/16/15 Timeline/process 

4/17/15 Proposed revision 

Foothill College - Planning and Resource Council

5/4/16 Update

3/16/16 Update 

De Anza College - College Council

4/14/16 Review and discussion

5/14/15 Discussion/action

De Anza College - Academic Senate 

2/1/2016 Review




Chancellor's Advisory Council

1/27/17 Feedback and approval

12/2/16 Update 

10/14/16 Update 

4/15/16 Update 

10/16/15 Timelines/process 


De Anza College - Academic Senate

12/5/16 Executive Committee – Discussion

11/21/16 Executive Committee – First reading