Budget Advisory Committee

Budget Advisory Committee


The District Budget Committee is an advisory body to the Chancellor's Advisory Council (CAC). The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Make recommendations on the budget process
  • Make recommendations on resource allocation policies
  • Propose budget assumptions
  • Review revenue sources
  • Prepare budget scenarios
  • Advise the CAC on the fiscal impact of district-wide initiatives
  • Look outward/forward on strategic issues
  • Communication



Budget Officer, chair
Vice Chancellor, Business Services
Executive Director, Facilities and Operations
Director, Human Resources
Representative, De Anza Administration
Representative, Foothill Administration
Representative, Foothill Academic Senate
Representative, De Anza Academic Senate
Representative, Foothill Classified Senate
Representative, De Anza Classified Senate
Representative, De Anza Student Body
Representative, Foothill Student Body
Representative, CSEA
Representative, Faculty Association
Representative, ACE
Representative, Teamsters

Approved by Budget Committee 9/23/03